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The dedication and commitment Detective Jason Hicks has to his country and community doesn’t come without some sacrifices. Being thousands of miles away serving abroad, he missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, tending to his sick children, or the first day of school. He would hear about them afterward, through the voice of his wife, Peggy, as told through her eyes.

The missed time with family didn’t end when Jason returned home. His career in law enforcement kept him away from home for long hours or late nights and his passion of helping others in the community often required his presence at weekend or holiday events.

Those around Detective Jason Hicks also sacrificed. While he served abroad, his wife Peggy, played the role of both mom and dad, raising their children alone, wondering how long it would be until she heard from him again. When he returned home, Peggy continued to support his career and stood by his side as he gave back to the community.

“Peggy has always been the rock of our family. She has supported me selflessly, making sacrifices of her own to take care of our family when I wasn’t here,” Hicks said.

This selfless life of service modeled by Detective Jason Hicks, and supported tirelessly by his wife Peggy, has been passed on to two of their three children who have enlisted in the United States Army.

“There were times when I missed a lot of events and milestones in our lives, but our children are stronger because they understand there is something bigger than themselves, and they know both Peggy and I will always be there to support them,” Hicks said.

Jason has lived in Clay County for his entire life except when serving his country overseas and for the 1 year he lived in Fargo. He currently resides outside of Hitterdal, MN with his wife of 27 years, Peggy. They have 3 grown children, 2 of whom are currently serving in the Army National Guard.